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    Our museums reflect the history of our region, a compilation of stories telling you about life in the olden days. The Maison de l'Aubrac in Aubrac village presents the Aubrac of today through several spaces. 

    Grenier de Capou

    Grenier de Capou 1

    An unusual tour commented with humour and passion of the impressive attic chock-full of several thousand forgotten and unexpected objects. A welcome from the Capoulade family in a farm at La Crestilie.

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    Thousand years of traces in Aubrac

    Thousand years of traces in aubrac 1

    An exhibition for four spaces to discover is offered by the thousand years of Traces in Aubrac!

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    Albert Calmels Centre

    Albert Calmels center

    A true documentation centre with its six hundred works, the Albert Calmels Centre also arranges themed exhibitions.

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    Maison de l'Aubrac

    Maison de l'Aubrac

    A space to discover and travel through the Aubrac plateau. 

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