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    Water is found in a variety of forms on the Aubrac plateau - torrents, peat bogs, boraldes, lakes and waterfalls. Two waterfalls are laid out for hiking trips in the Aubrac-Laguiole region.


    Cascade des Oules at Laguiole

    This small waterfall is located below Laguiole village. A looped hiking trail has been laid out to discover it (3.5 km, 1.1/4 hours). it was named "Oules", meaning pot in Occitan, due to the shape of the rocks hollowed out by the water.

    Cascade du Devez

    The 30 m-high waterfall is nicknamed "Salt de la Gleiso" in memory of rebellious priests who celebrated mass in a cave near the waterfall during the Revolution. Two hiking circuits are available to explore this waterfall (5 km, 1.1/2 hours or 9.8 km, 3.1/4 hours).

    Hikers can acquire hiking sheets with a copy of the local IGN map, a description and photos from the Tourist Offices at Laguiole and St Chély d'Aubrac for €1.

    Other waterfalls worth visiting

    Cascade du Déroc (near Nasbinals)
    Cascade du Saut du Chien (near Montézic).