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    Aubrac flora

    The Aubrac landscapes are emblematic, with some of the richest flora in Europe. Observe nature, make the most of numerous viewing points, breathe in the pure air and appreciate the nature surrounding us through all four seasons. 



    There are nearly two thousand species on the plateau.

    From the most common, like the yellow gentian, the mountain arnica and the Aubrac tea (calamint) to the most rare, the Ligularia sibirica, via the surprising carnivorous plants, the droseras.

    In spring, it is an explosion of colour and smells - daffodils, narcissus, cotton grass, orchids, etc.

    - The gentian: Emblematic plant of the Aubrac plateau, the large yellow gentian can be recognised by its masses of yellow staggered flowers and its large size. These roots are collected and used to make an aperitif.

    - The drosera: This small carnivorous plant traps the insects in the hairs covering its leaves. It can be seen in the peat bogs like the Vergne Noir (botanical route starting from the Laguiole ski resort) or at the Aubrac Botanical Gardens.

    - Large-flowered calamint: Better known as Aubrac tea, this flower with crimson pink flowers and toothed leaves grows in the undergrowth and beech woods. It is often drunk as an infusion and appreciated for its minty flavour.

    Aubrac Botanical Garden

    Aubrac Botanical Garden

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