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    Moving livestock - Transhumance

    If there is one festival you simply must not miss on the Aubrac plateau, its the Transhumance festival (moving livestock). These days, the queens are our beautiful Aubrac cows; each farmer makes a special effort to embellish them with flowers, holly and other devices! Come and admire them at their next parade. The Transhumance festival takes place in the Spring every year on the weekend closest to 25 May. (traditional date for bringing the herds up to the plateau, Saint Urban's Day).


    Moving livestock

    SATURDAY 27 and SUNDAY 28 MAY 2017 in AUBRAC

    The Traditions en Aubrac association is organising the Transhumance Festival in the village of Aubrac on the Sunday closest to 25 May. A festive weekend is on offer:

    Thursday: Evening finding out about the plateau at Aubrac;

    Saturday: Transhumance Eve festival at St Chély d'Aubrac.

    Weekend: Festival of the Aubrac cattle in Transhumance, Regional Salon, village of Aubrac.

    Sunday: Events, markets, meals and parade of decorated herds.

    The website of the Traditions en Aubrac association: