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    Manufacturing process

    Blade, punch and corkscrew are the best known. Fly, mitre or spring are also part of it. Part of what? The Laguiole knife, of course! Find out about the parts and the manufacturing process.

    Manufacturing process

    Bee or Fly?

    The Laguiole knife is often assimilated with the bee and even the fly as the essential symbol to have on your Laguiole knife. Firstly, in cutlery, this part at the end of the spring is called a fly. This "fly" has since time immemorial been how the cutler expresses his skill at engraving, four-leaf clover, fleur-de-lys in turn. The bee appeared in 1908-1909 well after the punch and the corkscrew.

    Craftsmen today still frequently engrave the fly with a "bee" but all patterns are possible, for your total enjoyment and in line with your wishes.

    It will be a Laguiole with or without a bee and with or without a fly.


    Added to the knife in 1840, it was used in the old days by the peasants as a "trocar" to pierce the gut of cows or ewes which had eaten to much fresh grass when leaving their sheds (bloating). This deflated the paunch and saved the beast! The punch was also used to pierce the leather horse harness. Today, the punch has become useful to DIY enthusiasts and to people who enjoy their food - to add a hole to the belt after eating a good aligot!


    Was added in 1990 for all our Aveyron people "gone up" to Paris to become waiters.