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    Cutlery-making is buoyant in Laguiole, as proved by the numerous workshops and boutiques in the village. Go and meet cutlers, some of whom are "best workers in France" and discover these multi-skill crafts.

    Manufacturing process


    Blade, punch and corkscrew are the best known. Fly, mitre or spring are also part of it. Part of what? The Laguiole knife, of course! Find out about the parts and the manufacturing process.

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    History of cutlery-making


    Explore the evolution of the Laguiole knife from the Middle Ages to the present day. Cutlery-making is more than history, it is a living reality in Laguiole!

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    Laguiole cutlery-makers

    Cutlery-making in Laguiole is a lively and buoyant reality, as proved by the numerous workshops and boutiques in the village. Love of work well done, tradition, forward-looking and modernity are the keywords of manufacturing cutlers who welcome you and show you their expertise.

    Under this heading you will find the list of Laguiole cutlery-makers in Laguiole. Some also offer tours of their workshops and even course to manufacture your own knife. Do not hesitate to contact them!  

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    Private museum of the Laguiole knide and forged object

    Privat museum of the Lagiole knife and forged obje

    This private museum opens its doors and invites you to admire a collection of old Laguiole knives and forged objects.

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