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    Short hikes

    No need to be a hardened hiker to be keen on walking. Side-by-side with the Road to Compostela and the Tour of the Monts d'Aubrac are many marked looped walks.

    From one hour to five hours' walking, at all levels and for all tastes, the set of short eighteen Aubrac-Laguiole hiking sheets are the ideal companion on your future walks.

    Short hikes

    Several short hiking guides help you to explore the Aubrac-Laguiole region through day or half-day excursions on foot, on horseback or on a mountain bike.

    Good to know!  The PR (Petites Randonnées or Short Hikes) are marked in yellow, the GR (Grande Randonnées or Long Hikes) in red and white and the GR P (Grandes Randonnées de Pays or Country-wide Long Hikes) in red and yellow.

    The PR are loops that can be achieved in a day, the GR are itinerant circuits that take several days.