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    Village of St Chély d'Aubrac

    The village of Saint Chély d'Aubrac runs along the Valley of the Boralde de Saint Chély. Stroll through its streets to explore its treasures.

    Village of St Chély

    This village nestling in the heart of the Valley of the Boralde de St Chély is home to several elements of architectural heritage from the 14th century to the present day. Its streets hide the Pèlerins (Pilgrims) bridge (classified as a Cultural Object in the UNESCO World Heritage Site), the church with its double gallery and 14th century altarpiece (one of the first alterpieces in Europe), the washhouses, half-timbered houses and more.
    The last stage of the Aubrac on the GR65 (Route to Santiago de Compostela) before the Lot Valley, the village is 820 m above sea level.