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    The village of Laguiole

    Laguiole is the name of a knife and a cheese, but first and foremost it is the name of a village. We invite you to explore its streets and modest heritage - and do you know how to pronounce "LAGUIOLE"?

    The village of Laguiole

    “Laguiole” (pronunciation)

    Originally, "Laguiole" was a tiny chapel belonging to the parish of Alcorn. The historical derivation of Laguiole is rooted in the word "La Gleisola" (1182) meaning small church. Writing it therefore required separating the word to show the original article.

    In the 16th century, Laguiole became the main church. Its pronunciation "Laïole" comes to use from the patois of our ancestors.

    The Bull of Laguiole, an imposing bronze statue by Georges Guyot, has had price of place in the cattle market square since 1947. It symbolises the Aubrac breed for the entire plateau. Holidaymakers sometimes grant it virtues as a lucky charm.

    Make sure you visit the church in the village and enjoy the 360° view from the fort over the slate roofs of houses with thick basalt and granite walls.