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    Burons and mountains

    Burons (or "mazucs" in Occitan) started to be built in the Aubrac from the second half of the 19th century  There were nearly three hundred on the plateau at the beginning of the 20th century.
    I.e., three hundred mountains, three hundred burons and three hundred springs - each mountain had its own buron and spring.

    Burons and mountains

    The buron had three rooms: the main room on the ground floor that held the tools for making the cheese and a sort of kitchen (table and benches), the attic above where the men slept and stored the hay for calves and lastly the cellar, always to the north, and partly underground. This is where the cheeses were stored and refined. A pigsty was often built near the buron, with the whey being used to feed the pigs.


    There were four men (buronniers) in the buron from 25 May to 13 October: the Cantalès who managed the buron and the cheesemaking, the Pastre who looked after the herd, the Bédélier who dealt with the calves and the Roul, the youngest, who would learn about the mountain and the unappealing tasks from eight to twelve years old. The wooden statue of the Cantalès has stood proudly in the main square of the village of Aubrac since 1990.