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    Emblematic dish of Aubrac fine eating, aligot is a dish dating back to the 12th century when pilgrims on the Road to Santiago de Compostela were welcomed here. They asked for "aliquid", meaning "something" and implying something to eat, which became "aliquot" then "aligot" in the local patois. Before the arrival of the potato, aligot was cooked with bread and fresh tome.



    - 1 kg potatoes
    - 100 g butter
    - 250 g creme fraiche
    - 400 g fresh Aubrac tome
    - salt - pepper - garlic
    Serves 4.


    Cook and mash 1 kg potatoes.
    Add 100 g butter and 250 g creme fraiche.
    Season with salt, pepper and garlic (optional) and reheat.
    Add 400 g fresh Aubrac tome cut into strips and stir vigorously with a wooden spatula. The aligot is 
    ready when the mix is stringy.
    Caution: you will lose the stringiness if you keep it on the heat too long.