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    Aveyron cuisine is traditional yet gourmet and starred. It has risen to the heights in Laguiole with La Maison Bras.

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    One of the greatest chefs in France, has been in the Aubrac since early 
    childhood. He draws his continually-renewable inspiration from this land.
    It is above all from the Aubrac plateau so loved by Michel Bras and his son, Sébastien, that the sensitive, emotional chefs draw their inspiration. Their cuisine is full of artistry, fresh and vivacious. It  is all the joy and force of Spring. Away from it all, the Puech du Suquet (Relais et Châteaux) is a haven of peace and restraint. Here is where as a wise, orchestral supreme leader he plies his symphonic cuisine and passes on the family heritage in his turn. He is the undisputed leading light of Aveyron cuisine, mixing regional and creativity, the aligot and a piece of Aubrac beef, sheep sorrel and the 
    architecture of kohlrabi, fresh herbs and Aubrac flowers.
    The Bras family welcomes you to the Puech du Suquet 6 km from Laguiole. In Aveyron, at the 
    Brocuéjouls service area (viewing area for the Millau Viaduct), enjoy the Bras gourmet space with the 
    "capuchins" and the Café Bras at the Musée Soulages in Rodez.
    Sébastien et Michel Bras Relais & Châteaux
    Route de l’Aubrac - 12210 Laguiole.
    Restaurant - Hôtel****
    Tél. 05 65 51 18 20
    Fax. 05 65 48 47 02
    6th place in 2015! The Laguiole chef, Michel Bras, is listed in the Top 10 of the best chefs in the world drawn up by the Le Chef magazine following a survey of 512 chefs (2 and 3 Michelin stars) all over the world.

    Sergio Calderon

    Sommelier at the Maison Bras for twenty years, he was elected the 2010 Sommelier of the Year by the profession (Le Chef magazine). In Spring 2011, he opening a wine boutique on Rue du Faubourg in Lagouile.