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    Traces du fromage (Cheese route)

    Do you like hiking, tasting local products or exploring the Aubrac and talking to the farmers? The Traces du Fromage (Cheese Route) is for you! The Traces du Fromage of Laguiole PDO and the Aligot of the Aubrac take place every March.

    Traces du fromage (Cheese route)

    SUNDAY, 8 MARCH 2015

    A gourmet hike from buron to buron. A buron is a stone cottage with a slate roof in the high pastures, where the cows were milked for cheese-making.

    Two marked routes (about 20 km) lead you from buron to buron, meeting farmers or old buronniers from the region on your way. They will give you a taste of the Aubrac products: Laguiole PDO cheese, gentian liqueur, hot wine and more, shared in the spirit and ambience of the Aubrac hospitality.

    There are two possible departure points:

    - one at the ski resort of Le Bouyssou at Laguiole 

    - the other at the ski resort of Brameloup

    You will eat traditional Aligot from the Aubrac served with local meat at Le Royal in Aubrac, where the two routes cross.

    Information and registration: Aubrac-Laguiole Tourist Office

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