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    Aubrac beef

    Beef from Aubrac cattle is renowned, flavoursome and tender. Official quality
    labels promote the Aubrac beef: the Rouge Boeuf Fermier Aubrac label, the Fleur d'Aubrac PGI and the 
    organic label.

    Aubrac beef

    Bœuf Fermier Aubrac Race Aubrac Label Rouge 

    This is a heifer, cow or bullock born of a pure Aubrac mother and father. The production of this beef requires compliance with strict specifications (rearing method, feed, etc.). The beef is fine-grained, very tender and with a unique flavour due to this traditional rearing method.
    Association "Bœuf Fermier Aubrac Race Aubrac"
    Carrefour de l'Agriculture - 12026 RODEZ Cedex
    Tel. 05 65 73 78 39

    Fleur d'Aubrac PGI heifer

    This is a heifer born of a pure Aubrac mother and a pure Charolais father. It is reared alternately through grazing and in a cowshed. The heifer is born, raised and slaughtered in Aubrac.
    The PGI is an official European quality label designating a product characterised by its geographical location. The PGI protects the product throughout the European Union.
    Association des Produits de l'Aubrac
    Avenue Pierre Sémard - 48100 MARVEJOLS
    Tel. 04 66 32 43 08